About Cassidy

Cassidy is a Brisbane based label created by myself (Cassidy), which was created in 2018, just after i graduated my Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology. My passion for all things textiles and fashion drove me to want to be my own boss with my own label, which meant i could do the one thing i loved as my career path.

At this moment in time i create all my garments myself ! Meaning i design them, pattern-make them, and sew them. This means that when a lovely customer buys one of my garment, they can be sure that it was made with care and passion and will be of high quality... not to mention, be completely unique!


My Process

With all of my garments, I begin by sitting down with a cup of tea and a scented candle flickering, and start drawing up designs which I think my customers would love.  Once my designs are finished, i then source the fabrics and begin pattern-making.  I then make up samples and have them fitted on a fit model.  After sitting back with a block of chocolate in hand, pondering on my creation, I then get started on sewing the actual garments and posting them on my website ready to be purchased by my gorgeous shoppers! 


Because of this process, I sell using pre-order only,  which means once you place your order,  I will get started on making your garment ASAP.

 Once your order is placed, I aim to have your garment produced within 1-2 weeks plus delivery time.  I will also keep you updated on your garment's journey until the day you receive it !!

Handmade Earrings

My handmade earrings are made using polymer clay! This ensures that I can create almost anything I want with endless creative possibilities. Because of the certain clay that I use, all of the  earrings are super light weight, meaning no more sore earlobes after a night out!


All of my earrings are ready made, so when you place an earrings only order, I will make sure the order is processed and ready to post by the very next business day!

Made to Measure 

Have you ever wanted to buy something so badly but you can’t because it is either going to be too short or too long on you?

Well say goodbye to that heart ache because I am introducing the new customise garment feature!

To do this… simply view your shopping cart and click “add note” in the space, add how long or short in CM you want your garment to be! And if you have any other special requests, pop them in there too and I will see what I can do!

P.S. You can see garment length dimensions in their individual product descriptions!

Meet the Team


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Hey! It’s Caitlin - the girl lucky enough to be the first to wear Cassie’s designs! When I’m
not studying or pursuing my career in North QLD, I like to escape back home and have some fun!
Working for Cassie has been a dream & seeing her grow as a designer across the years has been nothing short of inspirational.
Dreams do come true - and for Cassie... her dream is only beginning!!


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Hey there! I'm Cassidy, the creator, designer, machinist and current stylist for the brand. My passion for all things fashion began about a year out of high school when i studied an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design with TAFE Queensland. I realised pretty early on that owning my own label was a massive goal of mine and to achieve that id need to work my A** off! So since then I've been developing my skills by sewing custom garments for clients, and now I've got MY OWN LABEL!!

Am i living the dream?? Hell Yes.

If you are interested in seeing my clients and their custom garments, you can check out my Instagram.


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Hi, I'm Jordan Bulner and I'm a Professional Photographer. I received my first camera at 18 years and ever since developed my skills and approach to various facets of photography. I truly believe the purpose of every shoot, is to capture and convey amazing visual stories which have the power to evoke emotion. Whether I'm on set of a fashion shoot, shooting pics of a super car, sporting event, street and travel photography or with a family, everyone and everything has a story to tell and I aim to capture it.

To see more of my photography work or enquire about your very own shoot visit my Instagram or website.

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